Zülfikarlar Holding set out on its corporate journey in 1942 by trading chemical products and has been growing through its investments in different sectors for the last 76 years. With its operations in fuel distribution, energy, chemical and finance sectors, the Holding has become one of the pioneering corporations in Turkey.

In fuel distribution sector, it operates under the brand names Türkiye Petrolleri and Turkuaz Petrol, in renewable energy under Tesla Enerji, in chemicals Zülfikarlar Kimyevi and Akça brands and in finance sector under the brand name Akdeniz Faktoring.

Our company has conducted its operations under the brand names Zülfikârlar Kimyevi since 1981 and Akça Kimya since 2004, which have cherished the motto “Our power, our history and our brand”; they are rightfully proud to be providing the highest quality of service to their wide network of customers with an ever-growing and expanding portfolio of almost 100 products. Since their establishment, they have shown unwavering commitment to premium quality.

Akça Kimya successfully manufactures and distributes various chemicals in the Turkish market; it operates in textile, wood, agriculture, polyester, dye, detergent and cosmetics, food and animal feed industries.

Our production facility and warehouse are located on an area of 40,000 m² in Yarımca, Izmit. Our company has a bonded warehouse of 4.000 m² for dry chemicals and operates 21 bonded warehouse tanks with a total capacity of 40.000 m³ to store liquid chemicals. Moreover, the production facility has its own port that can be used for disembarkation of liquid cargo vessels.

Since 1985, our facility has been producing Caustic Soda Flakes (Sodium Hydroxide). Monthly Caustic Soda Flakes production capacity is approximately 1,500 tons. Our facility and production processes have been approved by all sorts of Quality Assurance Systems.