AKÇA Kimyevi Maddeler  serves industrial manufacturers by supplying high quality and\or standard quality products that meet the needs and demands of its customers in target sectors.

Our system is based on the concept of Total Quality; thus our quality policy consists of:

  • Identifying the needs of the customer thoroughly, supplying high-quality and reliable products that will meet those needs fully (quality-wise) and hence ensure continuous customer satisfaction,
  • Manufacturing products that are in line with standards, that comply with laws on the protection of the environment and human health, that are of low cost and high quality
  • Ensuring on-time-delivery and consistency of aftersales services,
  • Fulfilling the necessary requirements in terms of occupational health and safety and providing a safe and sound working environment for the suppliers,
  • Investing in continuous training of the personnel, ensuring their full participation in quality processes and boosting their motivation,
  • Making sure that the senior management reviews system performance and sustaining efficiency,
  • Following technological advancements and tracking supplier performance,

Conducting continuous improvement activities with the participation of all our employees in order to enhance and maximize the effectiveness of the system at every stage of the production and support processes.